Office: Via Del Porto 19
33058 San Giorgio di Nogaro
Udine, Italy
Tel.: +39 0431 65318
Fax: +39 0431 66544

33058 San Giorgio di Nogaro (UD)
Banchina Margreth di Porto Nogaro
Zona industriale Aussa-Corno
Viale Enrico Fermi
Tel. 0431 620345

We are in Porto Nogaro, strategic river port in the Adriatic Sea located between Venice and Trieste, about 3 km from the highway of San Giorgio di Nogaro (A4 Milano-Trieste). We are easily accessible by rail, straight connection to the railway station of San Giorgio di Nogaro (Trieste-Venezia railway).
The area includes about 36 hectares of port yards, storage areas and covered warehouses, where are moved from one to 2 million tons of various goods.

Here can access ships with tonnage up to 15,000 tons (average passing ships with tonnage from 3 to 8,000 tons). By the nature of access to the river port, flatboats can pass more easily.

Porto Nogaro is about 20 km from the Airport of Ronchi dei Legionari.

From the Adriatic sea it is accessed through a 3 miles channel in the lagoon and Aussa Corno channel (about four miles).
There are two public ports, Porto Vecchio (quays:400 m, draft 4,5 m.s.l.m.) and Porto Margreth (quays:800 m, draft 7,5 m.s.l.m.), and a private port (ex Industrie Chimiche Caffaro, with access through an artificial channel of about 1.5 miles).
The total distance between sea outlet and Porto Margreth, where there are our workers, is about 6 miles.

Position Lat 45.47573N - Long 13.13889E