A historical reality

The Impresa Portuale Porto Nogaro arises from the transformation of ex "Compagnia Portuale di Porto Nogaro" established by decree n.19/80, 19.07.1980 by Maritime Directorate of Trieste.

In the port, even before Compagnia Portuale, operated with the same workers the "Gruppo Portuale Porto Nogaro", born from the merge of "Cooperativa stivatori scaricatori" with “Cooperativa Friuli". These two cooperatives deal of port activities in Porto Nogaro from the first years of the '900.


We perform all port activities with proven organizational skills and very high efficiency. We can handle all the operations of loading, unloading, transport and handling of goods in port.

Currently the staff is composed of 39 member-workers, the operating team, and by 10 employees, including 8 technicians and two administrative.

Qualified staff, vehicles and equipment appropriate to manage packages up to 160 tons, know-how and experience in handling any type of goods in port areas and warehouses, fast, safe and punctual services:
These are our main strengths.

Strategic port of the Northern Adriatic Sea

Porto Nogaro is strategically located between Venice and Trieste. It's easy to reach by road, 3 km from the highway San Giorgio di Nogaro (A4 Milano-Trieste), by straight connection to the railway station(Trieste-Venezia railway). It is about 20 km from the nearby Airport Of Ronchi dei Legionari.

Freight traffic

Our company is constantly growing: in Porto Nogaro are handled more than 3 million tons of general cargo per year. We have docks equipped to handle any type of cargo, in particular we boast a specific experience for iron ore, pig iron, coal, wood, cellulose.

Work ethic

We want to maintain correct relations with all parties with whom we interact every day: suppliers, customers, employees and partners. We continuously improve working conditions and relations with the staff, providing the best performance. We work trying to minimize social and environmental impacts.

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