We are organized for the intake and storage of materials in uncovered areas, depots and covered warehouses.
We can carry the goods out of the port for storage in our covered warehouse of 3.500 sqm.

In port areas, goods are stored according to the type of material and logistical customer needs.
Being some warehouses as customs, you can store materials with both foreign and national flag.


We manage the issuance of documents for the goods taking over (FCR), for the suspension of VAT (warehouse use tax), and additional documentation for the activities of storage.


We provide assistance and coordination with public bodies responsible for the detection of the weight of the materials to be stored, samples for quality control, and perform all ancillary operations.

Why choose us

  • Organization, efficiency and competitiveness.

  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Certification.

  • Minimum environmental impact during each port activity.

  • Large insurance.